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Miss the days of myspace? Wanna ROFL and LMAO with all your online friends? I've made it pretty easy to do. Just download this zip file, extract it to a folder named "myspace", and upload the entire folder onto your neocities. Now you can go to yourusername.neocities.org/myspace to see your myspace page. By default the page is set up for me but you can easily customize your profile by editing the index.html file in the myspace folder. Once you've created a cool page you should join Toadsbey's MySpace Group to find other cool profiles and help others find you! Thanks Toad!


Do I need programming skills to edit my myspace page?

No, all of the customization options are organized at the top of the html page and clearly labeled, so just fill in the blanks with your own info. Just like with the classic myspace pages, having programming skills will certainly help you have an epic myspace page but you can still have a really great personalized page with no programming skills at all.

Can I use custom themes like the ones from pimp-my-profile.com?

Yes! These myspace pages were made by altering the source code from the original myspace with theme compatibility in mind. In the index.html file you'll find the About Me section. Simply copy your theme code from the website of your choice and paste it into this section. I can't wait to see your themes!

Can you put a song on your myspace page?

Sort of. I recreated the old myspace player (my favorite iteration of it) and it can play any mp3 file you link to it. Unfortunately neocities doesn't allow mp3 files to be uploaded so you have to link to an mp3 file that's hosted on another website. If you're doing this on a squarespace site or other personal site then this won't be an issue. Luckily the default page links to a Fall Out Boy song, so if you like Fall Out Boy, you're sort of in luck I guess?

Is this somehow better than other MySpace clones and reboots like SpaceHey?

Not necessarily. SpaceHey, along with many other myspace clones (some of which have already gone the way of the MySpace) are usually a lot closer to the original MySpace experience, and potentially easier to use. The point of having a decentralized myspace is simply so that you're not relying on another company to keep your page alive. Our pages can easily migrate to any web hosting service and can be backed up, in it's entirety on your computer or phone forever. No more logging in after 2 years to check on your page and find out that the myspace clone you were using went down the drain and took your profile with it.

Can you add friends? You can though it isn't as easy as with other services. This myspace clone is much more about form than function, however you can add other friends that are using any type of myspace clone, however you're currently limited to 8 friends (your top 8). In order to add them you have to copy and paste the url for their profile picture, and the url for their page into your index.html file under the friends section.

Can I comment on other people's walls? Can other people comment on mine?

Sadly, no. This is, once again a case of form over function. You can add as many fake comments to your page as you like, but you won't get the rush of checking your myspace page to see if anyone posted on your wall. The reason for this is that this myspace clone was developed for neocities, which only allows for static websites, meaning no php, which would be necessary to allow friends to comment on your page, or even to have a real friends list system. I may someday come up with a non-static plugin to add to this myspace clone to give it this functionality but it would be reliant on a service run by me and prone to the same issue of one day being discontinued and you lose all your comments and friends.