Sexy Like Me


Pop-Punk's not dead! We're Left Perception, a kick-ass pop-punk band from St. Paul, MN. We make awesome music for skateboarding, partying, or just fucking around with your friends! Come see us at the Toybox in Minneapolis or at one of our other shows. Shout out to all our fans! Add us on Myspace, even if you're not in our top 24 in Myspace we still love you!

Check out our four song EP below! You can save any of the songs on this webpage by right-clicking and selecting "Save Link As". The EP cover was just some art I made, I don't know what it means. It's just like scary, provocative stuff? And Bart Simpson for some reason. I'm 14 okay? I'm still figuring art out.

Track 1 - Sexy Like Me
Track 2 - Her
Track 3 - Untitled
Track 4 - Titties

That's me! I play guitar and write a lot of the songs. I started learning guitar in 7th grade. I really wanted to play bass guitar but I have small hands so I thought I should learn guitar first, since the frets are closer together. My favorite band is blink-182. I'm obsessed with their music and their sense of humor. I want our band to be just like them, except for not broken up like they are =/

He plays guitar and writes songs for us too. Billy and I started the band together. We met at summer camp at the Salvation Army when we were little. I helped him learn guitar, but he practices more than I do so he can play solos and stuff. I just play rhythm guitar, except for on Untitled and WTFDSG.

He is the most talented out of all of us. He is really good at drums so he always does a drum solo at our shows. He is also a rapper. He's been playing since he was little. We practice in his basement.

He was the last one to join the band. I used to play bass for the band, but we decided it would sound better if we had two guitars. Scotty was our friend so we taught him how to play bass. We told him it's easy because all the songs are just four notes. He picked it up fast and bought a cool fender bass.

--September 2006--

We're playing a show at the Toybox with the Switch. They're a really cool band. They played at a band showcase at some church where we were playing back when Alex was our drummer. The church didn't allow us to swear, but we were going to play Dammit by blink which says "fucked". I was going to be punk rock about it and just say it anyway but I ended up chickening out. I'm glad I did because a week later someone from the church dropped off a tupperware of fresh baked cookies at my door. They were so tasty, I don't remember if I shared with the rest of the band. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, our show at the Toybox! Be there or be square!!!

--January 2007--

We're playing a show with RAWFLCOPTER. We met them on myspace and they're cool as hell! They invited us to play at this show with them and we're super excited.


We're playing again at the Toybox, this time we're opening for ThePerfectSeason. These guys are all super good at their instruments. They're also really good song writers. Here's a recording they made (it's my favorite song by them) It's called Your Heart Will Still Beat. This is a show you won't want to miss!!!
ThePerfectSeason - Your Heart Will Still Beat


We're playing at Station 4. This is probably the coolest venue we've played, they even sell alcohol (not to us obviously). I don't know why we didn't make a better flier for this show, oh well! Update: the show went great! Their sound guy was really good so our parents said we sounded better than ever. Our parents also said I did too many pick slides, but it's pop-punk! How can you have too many pick slides?!

Get ready for another kick ass show at the Toybox! We're playing with The Broken Morning. We met them at the first show we every played, it was a battle of the bands at some church. Now we hang out with them all the time! RAWFLCOPTER is also playing with us again, they've played with us before and are also cool as hell.

Here's a picture of Rich from The Broken Morning on stage with us one time at the Toybox. Rich is the closest I think I'll ever come to meeting Tom Delonge!

--April 2007--

Update: We broke up >=(

Sorry if you were hoping to see us play again. At least our Myspace will be up forever!